The PharmEvo culture inspires employee engagement, boosts morale, and takes pride in a team that is motivated, charged, and upbeat. Evodians celebrate, learn and rejoice together to create memories that stay with them forever.

An exciting literary initiative by PharmEvo, Darul Kutub is our in-house library specially designed for our fellow Evodians. With a collection of popular contemporary and classic books, the library is also accessed through an online portal. Indeed a remarkable step to promote a reading culture at PharmEvo!

IGM is a platform that sparks creativity and evoke the genius streak among Evodians. In each IGM, various departments gather together and put on their best thinking hats to present ideas that are unique, innovative and creative. The purpose is to invite fresh ideas from all levels of hierarchy that enhance productivity and make the systems smoother and updated. The winners of the best ideas and best executed ideas are awarded too.


At PharmEvo, we organize a number of literary activities including mushairas, book fairs, and thematic calendar launches that make the community informed, literate and enlightened. With the aim to rekindle the interest of reading among the masses, we focus on promoting Urdu prose & poetry among healthcare providers, members of the medical community as well as the general public who have a passion for reading and literature.

Education Sponsorships

We greatly value the importance of employee personal development. We offer exclusive sponsorships to our talented Evodians, and assist them with their academic goals for further skill enhancement and capacity building.