Our Society, Our Responsibility

The purposeful CSR initiatives by PharmEvo reflect our commitment for the betterment of Doctors, Healthcare Professionals, Medical institutions and all our key stakeholders.

First ever Toll free Drug and Poison and Pharmacovigilance Centre in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2015, it has provided hundreds of health care professionals with medication information such as indications, dosage calculations, adverse effects, and so on.

ILE Institute of Leadership Excellence works for the development and capacity building of Healthcare Professionals through premium leadership programs and workshops.

Embracing technology proactively and creating value in the “Digital Health” space with an innovative mindset, PharmEvo has remained instrumental in changing the way healthcare is delivered and how capacity building of healthcare professionals is carried-out.

Under eDR, we create win-win partnerships with Doctors, Healthcare Organizations and Medical Institutions by offering them diverse value-added services.

Jahan-e-Maseeha is a literary platform established to promote literature, and make the community informed, literate and enlightened. With the aim to rekindle the interest of reading among the masses, this initiative focuses on promoting Urdu prose & poetry among healthcare providers, members of the medical community as well as the general public who have a passion for reading and literature.

The forum is the first of its kind in Pakistan established to generate and disseminate updated scientific knowledge, involve researchers in new research projects, and facilitate them by building their capacity and offering them research trainings and grants.

EvoTalks are a series of power talks by thought leaders, innovators and pioneers from Pakistan. We aim to bring insights from the great intellectuals and thought leaders from all walks of life. The idea is to spark intellectual debate, welcome innovative ideas, and hear stories of people who have left indelible marks in their respective fields. These sessions, delivered to a set audience, are recorded and shared on various social media for maximum outreach and impact.

Set of online video channels bringing insights from top consultants on mental health awareness and other health issues.
Brain Health TV: insights from top consultants on mental health awareness
Diabetes TV: Special initiative for diabetes awareness bringing insights from top consultants
Cardio TV: Bringing insights from top consultants about the management & treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Discovering Diabetes is a joint collaboration of PharmEvo and PES for tracking and educating diabetes patients. Discovering Diabetes is aimed at educating the Pakistani population for the prevention, early detection, and management of diabetes.

Discovering Hypertension aims to significantly improve hypertension control in Pakistan by addressing awareness gaps, promoting proper medication management, and increasing accurate diagnoses.