Ensuring quality products

PharmEvo R&D professionals focus on being first in the market, while ensuring the quality and affordability of Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical products. Our R&D has an exceptional track record in translating early opportunities into effective products by using cutting-edge research in facilities that are fully equipped to support good laboratory practice (GLP) and current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) regulations.

Leading in Clinical Trials

PharmEvo remains on the forefront for Phase IV and investigator-initiated studies. We are very active in the generation of scientific evidence for the safety and effectiveness of our nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medical-device portfolio. We are involved in research and development not only as an organization, but we also we facilitate the medical fraternity to enhance their research-related skills through capacity building workshops and innovative research solutions.

New Dosage Forms

Thanks to research and development technology, we offer a broad range of dosage forms and delivery systems i.e. tablets, capsules, liquids, sachets (both drinkable & direct to mouth), injectable (ceph), Suspension (Dry powder), tablet in tablet & Dry powder inhalers.

New Product Development

As our portfolio grows, we are proud of our ability to take a molecule through the entire development process, from an idea to delivering it safely to patients around the world. Few of our innovative ideas transformed into amazing commercially successful products.